I cannot deny it; I like sports, especially basketball. I have always loved the game, and I have done my best to keep up with it throughout the years. Now this does not only mean watching and playing but also catching up online about this game.


You cannot imagine how fascinated I was when I stumbled across an article on a video startup Keemotion and stat-tracking company ShotTracker and their Court Caster system, which is an autonomous sports broadcast system.


Imagine a camera so smart, it does not need to be manned. It is controlled by sensors and possibly a very complex algorithm that can make you dizzy if you try to understand it. The system is so smart that it knows where to be and what angle it should be at to ensure smooth viewing.


All I can say is, that’s a game changer. The system needs a lot of sensors to function, but they are all very useful and give valuable real-time information.


What I found impressive was the sensors in the ball and on the player’s shoes and how they both recorded and distributed amazing data.



Data is already an embedded part of sport either for the coach to take decisions or for the audience and this system provides a new, less labor-intensive way of gathering that data. This is a major innovation for sports technology.


Below is the video which talks about this innovation.




Besides what this invention is, I want to talk about something else, and I probably should have started with this.


As consumers, we sometimes forget about what goes on behind the scenes in providing us with services. I mean some of us do not even think about it, and I guess it is not the worst thing that could happen.


When you watch football and other sports, and you are able to follow the game and enjoy it, it is normally because of a dedicated crew of individuals manning cameras to give you that experience. It is not automatic but now it can be and that raises a question.


What happens to the crew? Fact is they are replaced by sensors that are cheaper than the combined cost of hiring them. That is another job fading away.


My point is, in this digital age, you have got to be evolving in your field of work and always get better, and you have to figure out how you can if you are not certain. It is not the greatest feeling to wake up and realize what you do can be replaced by a system. Evolve.