I know it is interesting isn’t it? When I first came across it, I was highly fascinated.


So what is the “sex guardian” about? Well believe it or not, it is an app created by the condom brand Duo in Colombia in order to endear itself with its younger consumers while simultaneously boosting its sales by 23%.


The idea behind the Sex Guardian was to create an app to help young couples not to get caught being intimate in places where they could easily be spotted or interrupted.


So how does it work?


A couple need to download the app and sync their phones. One of the phones will remain in the area that is sought to secure as the living room of the house and takes the other cell to the room or the place where the couple will be.


In case someone approaches, Sex Guardian with its motion sensor capabilities will detect it and takes a photo that immediately sends the other cell phone with an alarm so that the couple have enough time to appear presentable.


The app also has other contents to engage consumer through an illustrative Kamasutra guide and different memes.


Here is the Duo Sex Guardian video




It is no secret that sex sells, well in this case it helps downloads. During the campaign, the app got 55,000 downloads and more than 23,000 monthly active users plus 23,921 alarms were triggered. Duo achieved its goal of a 23% sales increase in the three-month period.


I believe, it is this type of Innovative digital marketing approach, which more brands in Ghana or Nigeria need to apply and understands that it is not only about just creating another app, rather a useful app that consumers will value.


This also reminds me of a similar campaign in Greece where the brand created a platform called Sexipedia – www.sexipedia.gr, which was about edutainment instead of product advertising, which was a key for the success of the campaign.


It is exciting to see how brands can conceptualize a use for their product and add a building layer of service beyond the product that resonates with their target audience.


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