Ah great, I got your attention.

I guess these types of headers works. So, in all my years as a digital marketer, I have worked with a lot of creative, especially copywriters of all levels and for kids right out of university or who stumble into the job, I have got a few words to say.

By no means am I am a seasoned copywriter, but I believe you should know that some of the things that go through your mind have gone through even the best when they were starting out. So, let us dive in.

1. Are you good enough: Not really. You are just starting out. Think of it like learning a language. You start from somewhere and build up. Undeniably, you have to have people around you to help in your learning process. And if you do not, well you have just got to do what most serious copywriters in Ghana do…Google and learn!

Sure your first few ads might make people weak at the knees from reading or might even be one of the jokes they recall at the offices end of the year party. However, you just have to accept that you will get better though it might take a while.

2. Can You Write Something People Will Like: Not with that type of attitude you cannot. You see; you have to have pride in what you are doing and believe you are as creative as you tell yourself. A big step in becoming a copywriter is believing your content, and thoughts are the stuff companies will put their faith in.

I know I sound like a motivational speaker, but it is true. Settle that wall of fear and uncertainty within you, and you will thrive. Furthermore, don’t think it can be settled within one day; it is a process.

3. Handling Rejection: So you write an ad or scribble something down that you think is the best ad of the year, and you cannot wait to share it with everyone. You eventually do and the only person who likes it is you. You should not take it offensively and by no means should you take it as a sign that your work is not good enough.

Ideas have seasons and times, and maybe yours was not the right fit for the time. Just save them, sometime in your career, you will be able to look back at your ideas and recycle them for other purposes.

One of the things I find with copywriters is that they are very touchy when it comes to their ideas being picked at. It is understandable that the ideas do not grow on trees they take time and effort and sometimes hours and nights of staying awake.

Ok, I hope my tips help you, seriously this is information I curated by being on the receiving end of complaints and frustrations of some of my colleagues past and present.

I just think that if copywriters here had a fair understanding that the elements of their jobs are understood by more people than they realize, they will be able to relax more and channel their energy into something worthwhile and void of doubt and fear.